Trusteeships and Trust administration

Independent trustee services
We act as trustees for many of our clients' trusts.  
Our view is that appointing a corporate trustee often has useful advantages to ensure the smooth day to day management of trusts. We have incorporated an entity called Sentrust Trustees Limited for this purpose. As an alternative a private trust company can be incorporated and appointed to act as a corporate trustee.
Day to day trust administration
We can work with you to identify the best arrangements for day to day administration, record keeping and collation of material required for the preparation of financial statements and tax returns.
Annual trustee review or meeting
We would generally recommend that an annual review is carried out to deal with trust administration matters. We can arrange the review, prepare the documentation and draft minutes or resolutions for signing.
FATCA Compliance
We help trusts who are required to comply with obligations that arise as a result of New Zealand agreeing with the United States to implement the Financial Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”). This has a wide ambit and can impact on ordinary New Zealand family trusts.
Access to custodial services
We are able to facilitate access to the services provided by Aegis for the custody of investment assets. This enables trustees to obtain a consolidated view of the trust’s asset portfolio where several different advisers are used.  
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