Juliet Moses provides comments on succession planning for the NZ Listener


Juliet Moses provided expert comments recently for a NZ Listener story about inheritance law, called Sense of Entitlement (Sept 23-29). She told writer Donna Chisholm that while she always encourages clients to treat their children equally when making a will, sometimes, for various reasons, “they don’t want to take that advice”. The article examined the issue of whether financially independent children should be entitled to an inheritance when a parent dies.  Juliet said that in nuclear families, a spouse would ordinarily leave everything to their partner, with the children inheriting after that, but a blended family was “much trickier” and “there’s no magic solution”. She said family trusts gave more flexibility around succession planning because the assets in them were not subject to the Family Protection Act. The full story is online here. http://www.noted.co.nz/currently/social-issues/inheritance-wars-the-increasingly-murky-state-of-succession-laws-in-new-zealand/
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